Premiere颜色插件 Aperture.Color.Finesse.Pl.v3.1.0.CE (x64)

Premiere颜色插件 Synthetic-Aperture.Color.Finesse.Pl.v3.1.0.CE (x64) PR/AE版本

Aperture Color Finesse 是一款可以适用于 Adobe After Effects和Premiere 的颜色修正插件,程序为你提供了高端的颜色修正工具并提高了性能。使颜色修正工作变得快捷、简单、精确。

Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse Pl 3.1.0 (x64) for Adobe AfterFX and Premiere Pro | 5.5 Mb

Color Finesse 3 gives you the high-end color correction and enhancement tools you need as a plug-in for your favorite applications—including Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5 and later (including CC 2015).

Flexible Controls
Control the gain, gamma, pedestal, hue and saturation of your images. Work in HSL, RGB, CMY, or YCbCr color spaces. Control the overall image, or work with individual color channels. Flexibility is the key to getting just the look you want, and flexibility is what Color Finesse offers with its myriad controls and tools. Individually adjustable color channel curves (both RGB and HSL) let you define exactly how color levels will be processed. Levels control determine input and output black, white, and gray points.

Secondary Color Correction
Want to change the color of a scarf or punch up a bland gray sky? Color Finesse’s six-channel secondary color corrector allows you to isolate up to six separate colors which can be adjusted for hue, saturation, and hue offset. Each of the six channels defines a color range based on up to four color samples with settable luma and chroma tolerance, and a range softness control, allowing you to easily isolate colors without harsh edges.

Single Button Color Correction
Color Finesse 3’s Auto-Color and Auto-Exposure buttons give one-click access to your color correction starting point, eliminating color casts, improper white balance, and establishing your black and white points.

Automated Color Matching
Need to match the color in one frame to a color in another frame? Color Finesse provides single-button color matching to provide natural-looking color matches without fiddling.

Smart Color Limiting and Soft-Clip
Color Finesse’s 32-bit floating-point color space allows you to make radical changes in color and luma levels without clipping, but before final output you’ll need to bring things back into range. Color Finesse provides accurate luma soft-clipping, as well as color limiting to meet broadcast standards.

Grading Suite Tools
WFM/VS DisplaysColor Finesse provides the monitoring tools you would expect to find in a grading suite, including waveform monitor, vectorscope, histograms, and correction curve displays. Displays are available individually or in a convenient combination display.

Color Finesse 3 PI is designed for use with Adobe After Effects CS5 and later, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and later.

Hardware Requirements
There are no special hardware requirements for Color Finesse 3 PI. All processing is done by your system’s CPU without the need for a specialized graphics card or GPU.

Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit and later

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